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America Rock
Number 3
Number of episodes: 12
Original airing: September 20, 1975 - August 27, 2002
Production Order
Grammar Rock
Science Rock!
America Rock is the third category of Schoolhouse Rock, that goes over the history of the United States of America, as well as their systems of government. THIS LITTLE PAPER THINKS HES SPECIAL. HE AINT

In 2002, two more songs, I'm Gonna Send Your Vote to College & Presidential Minute, were produced for for DVD.

Contents Edit

  1. Stay Tuned After the Feature
  2. Feature Presentation (Schoolhouse Rock Variant)
  3. Schoolhouse Rock Intro (America Rock)
  4. No More Kings
  5. Fireworks
  6. The Shot Heard 'Round The World
  7. The Preamble
  8. Elbow Room
  9. The Great American Melting Pot
  10. Mother Necessity
  11. Sufferin' Till Suffrage
  12. I'm Just A Bill
  13. Three–Ring Government
  14. Schoolhouse Rock Credits (America Rock)
  15. Schoolhouse Rock Rocks Soundtrack Commercial
  16. My Hero, Zero Music Video


  • Schoolhouse Rocky: Hey, chef, what's the special today? Chef: Homemade apple pie wantin' a side of: America... Chorus: Rock!
  • America Rock starts with: "No More Kings"
  • And now lets see some: "Fireworks"
  • How would you like to hear: "The Shot Heard 'Round The World"
  • "The Preamble"
  • Everybody needs a little: "Elbow Room"
  • "The Great American Melting Pot"
  • "Mother Necessity"
  • And now: "Sufferin' Till Suffrage"
  • "I'm Just A Bill"
  • And last, the: "Three–Ring Government"


Episode Number Episode Title Subject Original Air Date
1 No More Kings American independence September 20, 1975
2 Fireworks Declaration of Independence July 3, 1976
3 The Shot Heard Round the World American Revolutionary War October 18, 1975
4 The Preamble United States Constitution November 1, 1975
5 Elbow Room U.S. territorial expansion May 22, 1976
6 The Great American Melting Pot Immigration/Diversity May 1, 1976
7 Mother Necessity American inventions July 10, 1976
8 Sufferin' Till Suffrage Women's suffrage February 21, 1976
9 I'm Just a Bill Legislative Process March 27, 1976
10 Three-Ring Government Separation of powers February 3, 1979
11 I'm Gonna Send Your Vote to College Electoral College August 27, 2002
12 Presidential Minute Voting For President August 27, 2002