Money Rock
Number 5
Number of episodes: 8
Original airing: September 10, 1994 - November 22, 1996
Production Order
Scooter Computer & Mr. Chips
The Best of Schoolhouse Rock!
Money Rock is the fifth series (or sixth series if you count Scooter Computer & Mr. Chips) of Schoolhouse Rock!, going over money.

Chapters Edit

  1. Schoolhouse Rock Intro (Money Rock)
  2. Dollars and Sense
  3. $7.50 Once a Week
  4. Where the Money Goes
  5. Tax Man Max
  6. Walkin' on Wall Street
  7. This for That
  8. Tyrannosaurus Debt
  9. The Check's in the Mail
  10. End Credits


  • Schoolhouse Rocky: Hey, chef! What's the special today?
    Chef: Lots of lettuce with a side of Money...
    Chorus: Rock!
  • Here's how to make sense of: "Dollars and Sense"
  • How you gonna get by on just: "$7.50 Once a Week"
  • Where does the money go? Here's: "Where the Money Goes"
  • Now let's meet: "Tax Man Max"
  • Let's go: "Walkin' on Wall Street"
  • Hey, whaddya say? I'll give you: "This for That". Hm?
  • What's the national debt? It's a monster! ("Tyrannosaurus Debt")
  • The check..."The Check's in the Mail"


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Image Episode Number Title Subject Original Air Date
Dollarsandsense 1 Dollars & Sense Interest and loans September 10, 1994
Making750onceaweek 2 Making $7.50 Once a Week Budget October 23, 1995
Wherethemoneygoes 3 Where The Money Goes Paying bills July 13, 1995
Taxmanmax 4 Tax Man Max Taxes June 26, 1995
Walkin' on Wall Street 5 Walkin' On Wall Street Stock exchange September 12, 1996
Thisforthat 6 This For That Barter and the history of currency May 6, 1996
Tyrannasaurus Debt 7 Tyrannosaurus Debt Budget deficit and United States national debt January 21, 1996
Thechecksinthemail 8 The Check's In The Mail Using checks November 22, 1996
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