Science Rock
Science Rock
Number 4
Number of episodes: 9
Original airing: September 16, 1978 - July 14, 1979
Production Order
America Rock
Scooter Computer and Mr. Chips
Science Rock is the fourth Schoolhouse Rock series, which goes over different types of science.

Sometime after its initial airing, The Weather Show, was pulled from broadcast rotation because the Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus objected to its use of their trademark slogan (which was in the questioned title) and filed a lawsuit against the network for copyright infringement. As a result, the 1995 VHS of the program (and subsequent VHS reissues) deleted the song. However, it was included in the 1987 Schoolhouse Rock VHS release, and in 2002 it was included on the bonus disc of the 30th Anniversary DVD.


  1. Schoolhouse Rock Intro (Science Rock)
  2. The Body Machine
  3. Do the Circulation
  4. Electricity, Electricity
  5. The Energy Blues
  6. Interplanet Janet
  7. Telegraph Line
  8. Them Not So Dry Bones
  9. A Victim of Gravity
  10. Credits


  • Schoolhouse Rocky: Hey, chef, what's the special today?
    Chef: Sautéed succotash with a side of: Science...
    Chorus: Rock!
  • And to begin: "The Body Machine"
  • Now let's all: "Do the Circulation"
  • "Electricity, Electricity"
  • And now: "The Energy Blues"
  • Let's all meet: "Interplanet Janet"
  • (Imitating telegraph): "Telegraph Line"
  • Them bones, them bones: "Them Not So Dry Bones"
  • "A Victim of Gravity"


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Image Episode Number Episode Title Subject Original Air Date
Thebodymachine 1 The Body Machine Nutrition & digestive system January 13, 1979
Dothecirculation 2 Do the Circulation Circulatory system March 10, 1979
Electricityelectricity 3 Electricity, Electricity Electricity May 19, 1979
Theenergyblues 4 The Energy Blues Energy conservation March 27, 1979
Interplanetjanet 5 Interplanet Janet The solar system November 18, 1978
Telegraphline 6 Telegraph Line Nervous system June 30, 1979
Themnotsodrybones 7 Them Not So Dry Bones Skeletal system May 5, 1979
Avictimofgravity 8 A Victim of Gravity Gravity September 16, 1978


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